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Top new questions this week:

What is the 70s/80s rock song that ends with this extended Mixolydian-based vamp?

I heard this on a Classic Rock radio station recently and haven't been able to track it down for the last few weeks. A single-voice rendition of the vamp is available here.

identify-this-song rock  
asked by Richard 1 vote
answered by Jason P Sallinger 6 votes

What genre of music is "Gobi Moon", composed by Dave Randall after 2014?

I love this piece, and I've been craving similar music! The vocals feel like yipping, but liberating and uplifting! Here's the video and another clip. The composer is English, but the genre of ...

asked by Co Didact 1 vote
answered by Chris Sunami supports Monica 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why did Paz leave A Perfect Circle

Paz Lenchantin was the original bassist for A Perfect Circle on the Mer De Noms album. However, she was replaced by Jeordie White for Thirteenth Step. What led to this change in lineup? Did Paz leave ...

a-perfect-circle band-members  
asked by Darrick Herwehe 9 votes

Why do Desmond and Molly Jones switch roles in the repeated final verse of Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da?

In The Beatles' song Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, the last two verses are essentially the same except Desmond and Molly Jones switch actions. I've included a line by line comparison below with the differences ...

lyrics meaning the-beatles  
asked by sanpaco 3 votes
answered by Albrecht Hügli 3 votes

What is meant by the chorus of "I Am the Highway" by Audioslave

The song "I Am The Highway" by Audioslave is a favorite of mine but I've always wondered about the meaning behind it, especially the chorus. I am not your rolling wheels I am the highway I am ...

lyrics meaning  
asked by sanpaco 8 votes
answered by Jim 7 votes

NOFX's song "Linoleum" - what's the meaning of this song?

What's the meaning of NOFX's song Linoleum? What's the reference to linoleum?

lyrics rock meaning punk  
asked by Tikkaty 6 votes
answered by Magnilex 8 votes

Songs similar to 'Tuyo' from Rodrigo Amarante

Do you know any songs similar to Tuyo from the singer Rodrigo Amarante? It's the opening credits theme song of Netflix serie Narcos.

similar-artists identify-this-genre  
asked by Mafalda Leite 3 votes
answered by Bebs 7 votes

Soundtrack ID: Christopher Robin Official Trailer

I found the soundtrack at the ending of the trailer of Christopher Robin (2018) very uplifting and energetic. But Shazam does not recognize this song. Can anybody help me identify it? The soundtrack ...

identify-this-song soundtrack  
asked by jackxujh 3 votes
answered by James Blane 2 votes

What is Meaning of "Aerials" by System of Down song and music video?

This is one of my favorite songs. I listened to this thousand times, watched video several times but still cannot get the connection. What is the background story of this song? How the Music Video ...

lyrics meaning rock music-video  
asked by Sasith 9 votes
answered by Magnilex 7 votes
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