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Top new questions this week:

Male/Female Key vs. Octave

In many pop songs today, when the song is sung by one gender: The same gender as the singer would sing it in the original key and register. Another gender would sing the transposed version written ...

pop key transposition  
asked by Maika Sakuranomiya 1 vote
answered by PiedPiper 1 vote

Unknown tango song

I've heard a song in my Argentine tango class, it's in a tango beat obviously, but unfortunately all the lyrics I recognized were (in Spanish:) "La luna" right at the beginning. If it helps, some of ...

asked by user8399 1 vote

Help me track down this classical/soundtrack piece of music please!

I have been trying to find out what this piece of music is for over a year with no luck. I recorded myself whistling the tune - most of it is a string orchestra with a quick flurry from a flute at ...

identify-this-song classical-music soundtrack  
asked by Cruffmusic 1 vote
answered by Draakhond 0 votes

Similar music to "Bubble Dance"

The original music is from the film "Valerian" and was named "Bubble Dance". I find especially the start of this music very similar to something I already heard. What is the title of the similar ...

asked by Qbyte 1 vote
answered by PiedPiper 2 votes

Identify this piece at the beginning of the video

I was searching for harpsichord competitions, and I came across this video with familiar music. I know I've heard it, but I can't think of its title. Can ...

identify-this-song identify-this-sample baroque  
asked by David Dong 1 vote
answered by PiedPiper 2 votes

Identifying an excerpt by Beethoven (Ddim7ㅡAbm/EbㅡEbㅡAbm)

While working on an assignment based on secondary leading-tone chords, I found this excerpt that I am not quite familiar with: I see a secondary leading-tone seventh chord to the dominant, then ...

asked by Maika Sakuranomiya 1 vote
answered by PiedPiper 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is the song "Paradise City" written about a specific city?

In the song Paradise City by Guns N' Roses, is the "Paradise City" referenced by the song and its title based on an actual city similar to how "The Jungle" in Welcome to the Jungle refers to L.A.?

lyrics meaning guns-n-roses  
asked by Dom 12 votes
answered by BCdotWEB 7 votes

What's with the abundance of black balloons in NF's videos?

Recently, I have been listening to a lot more NF, and sometimes watching the music videos that go with them. I've noticed that in some of his videos, including The Search, Real, Why, and various ...

asked by Ginge 1 vote
answered by carlvdm 1 vote

Soundtrack ID: Christopher Robin Official Trailer

I found the soundtrack at the ending of the trailer of Christopher Robin (2018) very uplifting and energetic. But Shazam does not recognize this song. Can anybody help me identify it? The soundtrack ...

identify-this-song soundtrack  
asked by jackxujh 3 votes
answered by James Blane 2 votes

What makes a song an anthem?

I have heard the term thrown around, usually about songs I might not think would qualify as anthems. Tonight I was listening to Tool's Eulogy. I had a sense it might be so I looked it up on ...

style definition  
asked by Jason P Sallinger 7 votes
answered by Johnny Bones 4 votes

Slow and deliberate, hauntingly beautiful classical piece (identify from score)

Slow and deliberate, hauntingly beautiful. Can you tell me the name and composer of this piece of classical music I've tried to recreate from memory? I'll be eternally grateful, of course. ...

identify-this-song classical-music  
asked by Andrew Bailey 4 votes
answered by Richard 14 votes

What is the source of the "That boy needs therapy" song from Frontier Psychiatrist?

The song "Frontier Psychiatrist" by The Avalanches contains a sample of what sounds like an excerpt from a movie: That boy needs therapy, psychosomatic That boy needs therapy, purely ...

lyrics identify-this-sample  
asked by thedoctar 8 votes
answered by jaycer 6 votes

When did the "standard drumkit" become popular in music

When did the standard drum kit become popular in music. My definition of standard drum kit being: snare drum bass drum hi-hat cymbal(s) tom-tom(s)

history equipment drums percussion  
asked by Viktor Mellgren 18 votes
answered by Mike Supports Monica 21 votes
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