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Top new questions this week:

What online resources are available for identifying songs from audio or score?

Spread across various questions and answers on Music Fans SE are mentions of tools to help identify songs given audio or an excerpt from a score. This question/answer(s) attempt to compile them in one ...

identify-this-song identify-this-sample identify-this-artist identify-this-band reference-request  
asked by Aaron 4 votes
answered by Aaron 4 votes

Out of the Woods Breakdown

What are the presumably metaphorical "woods," in Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods?" I think it refers to a jungle of memories or better yet, a jungle of discomfort which can be ...

meaning taylor-swift  
asked by Hardik Rajpal 1 vote
answered by Aaron 1 vote

Which car engine sound is used in the studio recording of KISS' Detroit Rock City?

Given that it was in the '70s when 8 cylinders were abundant, there could be many. Those who have better ears and car knowledge than I may pinpoint hopefully. Here is a clip

rock identify-this-effect  
asked by Vectorizer 1 vote
answered by Aaron 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Identify male band, electro soft/pop rock?

When we were younger, my brother and I used to listen a band while in car with our parents. I just have a few unclear memories of the music. I found this site: ...

asked by user3286 1 vote
answered by user3287 3 votes

Identify soundtrack for funny fast-motion runs or chases in comedy

There a very famous music played with brass instrument, fast pace, almost circus style, that is very often played as a soundtrack for funny, fast-motion runs, or when a character is chasing another. ...

identify-this-song soundtrack  
asked by Bebs 2 votes
answered by Lefty 5 votes

How to determine the genre of a song?

I listen to many songs and I always wonder how the genre of a song is determined. Is it by listening to the song, or by the song's info like the artist, year released and so on?

asked by Ram 35 votes
answered by Anton dB 36 votes

Meaning of "Bakerman" by Laid Back

I've always wondered if the lyrics of Bakerman by Laid Back have a deeper meaning. It basically consists of the lines: Bakerman is baking bread , Sagabona kunjani wena (Which means as much ...

lyrics meaning  
asked by André Stannek 11 votes
answered by Nadya 2 votes

Standard vinyl vs Audiophile/Weighted vinyl - What's the difference?

I remember back in the days of my youth when everything was released on vinyl, you'd sometimes hear about "audiophile" vinyl or vinyl with a specific weight (which I think was 180g). What's the ...

asked by Johnny Bones 25 votes

Is Jincheng Zhang copying instrumental work of others?

Today, I stumbled upon a mysterious artist, under the name of Jincheng Zhang. You can find a Youtube channel here, or on Shazam, or Deezer or Soundcloud and Twitter. It seems to me that most of those ...

identify-this-song identify-this-artist copyright  
asked by Alphonse 5 votes
answered by Bebs 5 votes

What is meant by the chorus of "I Am the Highway" by Audioslave

The song "I Am The Highway" by Audioslave is a favorite of mine but I've always wondered about the meaning behind it, especially the chorus. I am not your rolling wheels I am the highway I ...

lyrics meaning  
asked by sanpaco 8 votes
answered by Jim 7 votes

Can you answer this question?

Unreleased Kanye West Chain Heavy album

8 years ago, I downloaded a Kanye West album called Chain Heavy. I've always wondered about the history behind this album: maybe half of the songs are available on YouTube; nothing on other streaming ...

history rap hip-hop  
asked by grouah 2 votes
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