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What is the exact meaning of the song "Hotel California" & its album cover image?

There one song Hotel California from Eagles , I tried to know about meaning of that song & its album cover image which has something pointing to some ghost on window. From google i read its ...

lyrics meaning  
asked by user1140237 Score of 10
answered by Angst Score of 7

Who are the dancers in Nightcrawler's "Push the Feeling On"?

I have been trying to identify the dancers (except John Reid) in the music video Push the Feeling On, but without success. Any pointers?

identify-this-artist music-video dancing  
asked by Demento Score of 2

What is the meaning of (Paean) in the title of Ed Sheeran's "How Would You Feel (Paean)"?

I've been wondering about the purpose of the (Paean) in Ed Sheeran's "How Would You Feel (Paean)" title. I know paean means a song of praise or triumph but what purpose does it serve in the song's ...

pop song-title  
asked by SW Williams Score of 5

What genre is the song “Other Friends” from Steven Universe?

I really like this music, and I want to hear more. What genre would this be considered? Link: “Other Friends” from the Steven Universe movie

asked by Bruno Wrier Score of 1
answered by Chris Sunami supports Monica Score of 3

Why do Desmond and Molly Jones switch roles in the repeated final verse of Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da?

In The Beatles' song Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, the last two verses are essentially the same except Desmond and Molly Jones switch actions. I've included a line by line comparison below with the differences ...

lyrics meaning the-beatles  
asked by sanpaco Score of 3
answered by Albrecht Hügli Score of 3

Why does rap music belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

This morning N.W.A. was announced as a 2016 inductee (coverage by Rolling Stone) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In case you are not familiar, N.W.A. (the name stands for "Niggaz Wit ...

genre rock rap  
asked by ziggurism Score of 41
answered by Joe Kennedy Score of 32

The meaning of "Uptown Funk"

I have heard this new song titled Uptown Funk. I was interested in the line "Uptown funk you up". I tried Google Translate and did not get a meaningful translation. What does this line mean? And ...

lyrics meaning song-title  
asked by fasisi Score of 24
answered by Donald.McLean Score of 16
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