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Top new questions this week:

Legal way to pay for an MP3 that best supports the artist?

Been recently buying MP3s from various artists. I quite like MP3s over streaming as its at least a physical file that I have for my purchase. However, it seems as the world has moved to streaming, ...

asked by DaMan56100 3 votes
answered by Bebs 4 votes

What stock character/stereotype/thing does Cab Calloway imitate near the beginning of this 1950s "music video"?

Source: Ever since I first saw this performance of Minnie the Moocher, I've been wondering what that means. He is walking stiffly with his upper body with strange ...

meaning jazz live-music dancing  
asked by Charlott Caldwell 3 votes

Do bands have economic incentives to have a low number of members?

Assuming that a) The income coming from touring, streaming and selling records/merch is independent from the number of members in a band; b) It's hard for artists to make a living through music; ...

asked by LLCampos 3 votes

Example of a pop song where a male singer sings F2/G2 In popular music I don't believe it's true. You hardly see women singing above F5 or G5, while tenors, like Bruno Mars for example, easily reach A4 or ...

asked by Maika Sakuranomiya 3 votes
answered by PiedPiper 3 votes

Identify this Chopin snippet from Yale's 'Listening to Music' course

I'm taking the online 'Listening to Music' course by Professor Craig Wright from Yale University. I was hoping you could help me identify where the Chopin snippet he played as an exercise at the time ...

identify-this-song piano chopin  
asked by Nishka Arora 3 votes
answered by PiedPiper 2 votes

Why is Kenny G so hated among jazz musicians? Are there objective reasons behind the hate?

Kenny G is an extremely common answer for "artist you dislike the most", "music that irritates you" or similar questions. There's a somewhat popular photo of Miles Davis and Kenny G, where Miles Davis ...

history jazz  
asked by Von Huffman 3 votes
answered by Chris Sunami 3 votes

Who are the female dancers in Eiffel 65's "Dj With The Fire" music video?

Eiffel 65's music video for "Dj With The Fire," which is on YouTube, is a pretty cool one in my opinion. But something I have started to wonder is who the female dancers from the video are, who ...

music-video names unknown-performer  
asked by Rewan Demontay 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Was "All for you" by Imagine Dragons ever released?

The movie Transformers: Age of Extinction (which, as a side note, is very bad) features two songs by Imagine Dragons: "Battle Cry" and "All for you". The first one was released on the OST and as a ...

soundtrack distribution release  
asked by André Stannek 6 votes
answered by Johnny Bones 3 votes

What makes an album "deluxe"?

right to the point: What makes an album as a "deluxe version"? People may notice that they usually have some bonus tracks. But, what makes them deluxe other than that?

terminology album  
asked by Reinaldy Rafli 7 votes
answered by Magnilex 5 votes

What are the instruments Miles uses to record "Was he Slow?" in "Baby Driver"?

In the movie Baby Driver, Miles "Baby" records pieces of dialogue and creates his own mixtapes in his home studio which includes various analog equipment. I'm mostly interested in one which was used ...

electronic-music recording drums percussion identify-this-instrument  
asked by user43277 2 votes
answered by Bebs 3 votes

In Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Rós, what is "Tjú"?

For years I've been a fan of the song from their second album, Ágætis byrjun. When I look for the English translation, everything is translated, except for the "chorus": I'm back Inside of ...

asked by Grayda 10 votes
answered by Angst 6 votes

What is the Superman's "stupid line" mentioned in The Less I Know The Better from Tame Impala?

At the end of the song, the lyrics have the following line repeated three times. Come on superman, say your stupid line. I think the fact that it is repeated three times is a sign that it is ...

asked by byrdEmmanuel 1 vote
answered by Toki 7 votes

Lyrics confusion in Queen's "I Want to Break Free"

Here's an extract of the lyrics to Queen's "I Want to Break Free": I've fallen in love I've fallen in love for the first time And this time I know it's for real "This time I know it's ...

lyrics queen  
asked by Sanzeeb Aryal 10 votes
answered by Joe Kennedy 8 votes

Turntables: Direct Drive vs Belt Driven, what are the differences, pros, and cons?

Turntables come in many flavors. One of the main decisions to make when buying one is choosing between a direct drive and a belt driven mechanism. What are the differences between them? Which are the ...

vinyl turntable  
asked by Von Huffman 11 votes
answered by Tetsujin 10 votes

Can you answer this question?

New wave/ rock song "turu tutututututu" in the chorus

I have been looking for days, without results! Does anyone know the title of a new-wave/rock song that says "tu ru tututututututututututu" in the chorus? I think it's a brit band and there's a male ...

identify-this-song rock new-wave  
asked by Harry 1 vote
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