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Top new questions this week:

Did Nat King Cole express contempt for fans of his pop recordings?

It seems to me that I've seen Nat King Cole quoted to this effect: I know that my Jazz records are good and my Pop records are junk. But how can I turn down the money I can make with the Pop records ...

history jazz pop recording  
asked by Chaim 4 votes

Is Santiano's "Mädchen von Haithabu" intentionally very similar to Tha Mi Sgith?

An excerpt from this Wikipedia page: Santiano is a German band from the northern region of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, whose genres include Irish folk, sea shanty, and schlager music. The name ...

folk live-music melody european  
asked by Micah Windsor 2 votes
answered by PiedPiper 2 votes

What are some appealing iPad instruments?

Are there any iPad instruments that require skill to play and feel like a genuinely appealing instrument in and of themselves, rather than being a lower-quality simulation of something else? For ...

asked by julkarham 2 votes

Would "Garage Band" App be considered a genre?

My friend creates all of his music on an iPad using the 'Garage Band" App. His songs are so different from one another and would probably qualify for many different genre descriptions. Would it be ...

genre-characteristics songwriter audio-software  
asked by Myah I. Deefurst 1 vote
answered by PiedPiper 1 vote

Who says "I hope we have the coldest winter ever" in Taake's Myr?

At around the 1:15 mark in Taake's Myr, a young girl's voice says, "I hope we have the coldest winter ever." Taake's Wikipedia page lists all past, current and guest members, but I haven't found any ...

identify-this-sample metal  
asked by Micah Windsor 1 vote
answered by PiedPiper 2 votes

Les Mills "Bodycombat Invincible" - what's the second song in Workout #1?

I've been trying for some time now, to find out, whose song is used in the Les Mills video BODYCOMBAT INVINCIBLE | Workout #1 starting at 4:40? Apps (e.g. Shazam) won't find it - too much talking ...

asked by Chris 1 vote
answered by Brahadeesh 0 votes

What is this videoclip circa 2003-2005 (MTV?): group of guys singing, walking on a waterway, suddenly a strong wind push them?

What is this videoclip circa 2003-2005 (MTV?) of a group of guys singing and walking on a waterway and then suddenly a very strong wind start to push them back while they try to keep singing and ...

identify-this-video pop  
asked by sujeto1 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What happened to Poe?

Poe (Ann Danielewski) had a rising music career in the late 1990s, but then she completely vanished from the public eye. I’ve heard a variety of stories about her disappearance, ranging from corporate ...

record-labels poe  
asked by Bradd Szonye 13 votes

First rock band ever?

Rock music is a genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the 1950s, and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later, particularly in ...

asked by Federico 4 votes
answered by Jason P Sallinger 5 votes

What is the difference between Cool Jazz and Bebop?

As I understand, Cool Jazz is a post Bebop style of Jazz. What makes Cool Jazz different than Bebop? Also, What are some albums that you can recommend on cool Jazz besides Miles' Birth of the cool?

jazz cool-jazz  
asked by ProbabilityGuy 9 votes
answered by mlibby 5 votes

How can the blues be linked to hip hop / rap music?

I've seen / read many things about black music, especially the Negro spiritual, blues, rhythm'n'blues, rock'n'roll, etc. And 99% of what I've heard or read says that the rap music descends from ...

history blues rap hip-hop  
asked by Sushi 10 votes
answered by José David 10 votes

What is the difference between hip hop and rap?

What is the difference between 'hip hop' and 'rap' genres?

hip-hop rap  
asked by Avis 47 votes
answered by Pobrecita 20 votes

What is "25 or 6 to 4"?

One of - and this is debatable, but it's what I think - the best rock songs ever is by a band called Chicago. But the name has always confused me. The song is called "25 Or 6 To 4". What does this ...

meaning rock  
asked by DJ Aftershock 14 votes
answered by ryanmavilia 16 votes

Who influenced The Beatles?

A lot of bands and musicians say one of their biggest influence musically was The Beatles and contribute the founding of rock and roll to them. Who musically influenced The Beatles though?

history bands the-beatles  
asked by Dom 23 votes
answered by Shevliaskovic 17 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Should we consider Audioslave a continuation of Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden, or neither?

I've always felt that Audioslave is too clean, too accessible, too 'mainstream' to be considered a continuation of either RATM or Soundgarden. I enjoy it to an extent, but for me, it doesn't resemble ...

rock hip-hop alternative-rock punk soundgarden  
asked by Micah Windsor 1 vote

What is the easiest way to write music quickly on an iPad?

If I have a melody in my head and I want to jot it down in a note on an iPad, is there any plug-in or keyboard that would allow me to input a music score quickly and efficiently? Or, at least an app?

asked by julkarham 1 vote

80's Music Video with Maybe comic/cartoon - 30's/40's Feel - Played on Vincent Hanley's MT USA - Not a Super Popular Hit Song

I am trying to get the name of the a song with a music video that possibly had some animation from the 80's I believe the lead singer was a female. (No, not Paula Abdul) I think it was a minor hit in ...

asked by Joe John 1 vote
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