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What happened to Poe?

Poe (Ann Danielewski) had a rising music career in the late 1990s, but then she completely vanished from the public eye. I’ve heard a variety of stories about her disappearance, ranging from corporate ...

record-labels poe  
user avatar asked by Bradd Szonye Score of 14
user avatar answered by Ankit Sharma Score of 8

How can the blues be linked to hip hop / rap music?

I've seen / read many things about black music, especially the Negro spiritual, blues, rhythm'n'blues, rock'n'roll, etc. And 99% of what I've heard or read says that the rap music descends from blues,...

history blues rap hip-hop  
user avatar asked by Sushi Score of 10
user avatar answered by José David Score of 10

Music apps that play 5.1 sound?

I bought a new Samsung smart tv and would like to play music on my 5.1 sound system. Right now I just watch 5.1 content movies using the setup, but I'd like to be able to do the same with music as ...

user avatar asked by shan.phreak Score of 6
user avatar answered by Jonathan Score of 4

Why is it that Garth Brooks's music isn't available to stream?

Why is it that Garth Brooks's music isn't available to stream via any major music distributor (e.g. Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, etc.)?

country streaming  
user avatar asked by Nick Saemenes Score of 6
user avatar answered by José David Score of 11

Why does "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" by The Offspring start with a sample from "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard?

As established in this question, "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard starts with "Gunter, Glieben, Glauchen, Globen" because of an in-joke by the band and their producer, Mutt Lange. ...

lyrics def-leppard the-offspring  
user avatar asked by SQB Score of 12
user avatar answered by havakok Score of 4

"Ex's and Oh's" by Elle King- What is "Oh's"?

What does "Oh's" mean in the pop song "Ex's and Oh's" by Elle King?

lyrics meaning  
user avatar asked by EPRAIT Score of 7
user avatar answered by BCdotWEB Score of 8

What is the english translation of dialogs spoken over this song?

The song "Exploring Yourself With A Knife" is a track form the Russian post-rock band April Rain's album "Waiting For Sunrise". some Russian dialog is spoken between a man and a woman starting at 4:37....

lyrics instrumental  
user avatar asked by Paghillect Score of 3
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