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Top new questions this week:

What is the name of this modern song?

I heard this song the other day on the street, but unfortunately the song ended before I could use Shazam to find out what it was. I have tried whistling/ humming it in Shazam / Soundhound, but no ...

asked by salocin19 1 vote
answered by oguz ismail 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"Ex's and Oh's" by Elle King- What is "Oh's"?

What does "Oh's" mean in the pop song "Ex's and Oh's" by Elle King?

lyrics meaning  
asked by EPRAIT 7 votes
answered by BCdotWEB 8 votes

Meaning of lyrics from "505" by Arctic Monkeys

These lyrics are from the song "505" by Arctic Monkeys: 'Not shy of a spark, A knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of the mark, Frightened by the bite though its no harsher ...

lyrics meaning indie  
asked by XOMONKEYS 5 votes
answered by chuks 5 votes

Meaning of *Snow (Hey Oh)*

I'm a big fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and particularly the song Snow (Hey Oh) from Stadium Arcadium, however the lyrics just don't make any sense at all to me. A friend said he thought the song ...

asked by Donald.McLean 13 votes

Song called "Rain" that starts with sound of thunder, from 90's "Sentimental Hits" compilation

I used to hear a mix album when I was 4-5 years old with a cassette player. And I was really in love with a single song the title was "rain" for sure. I saw that on the song index of the cassette's ...

identify-this-song identify-this-album  
asked by inckka 1 vote
answered by David Walton 2 votes

Longest-running artist in music history?

If you google information about longest running bands, there seem to be conflicting accounts, like U2, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones, etc, which depend on the criteria used (no gaps, same members, etc). ...

asked by luchonacho 9 votes

What makes a song an anthem?

I have heard the term thrown around, usually about songs I might not think would qualify as anthems. Tonight I was listening to Tool's Eulogy. I had a sense it might be so I looked it up on ...

terminology style  
asked by Jason P Sallinger 7 votes
answered by Johnny Bones 4 votes

What is Robyn singing in the music video for Royksopp's Monument?

Robyn visibly sings something inaudible to the listener 52 seconds in to the music video for Royksopp's Monument. It seems to bridge the gap between the official lyrics. What is she saying? https://...

lyrics electronic-music  
asked by Grimmie 5 votes
answered by Leates 5 votes
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