I'm actually more the boom bap Hip-Hop, 90's style beat guy. But I find myself enjoying trap music more and more, since it's getting more and more popular and also because my friend is making more trap music than normal Hip-Hop (I can add a link if someone is interested in Swiss trap).

Now, I know trap-beats originated from Hip-Hop, but where do you draw the line? Of course there are the famous, fast hi-hats in trap music but when making a beat, when will it turn from a Hip-Hop beat to a trap-beat? Or are those two totally different?

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Typically, a trap beat is defined as having a BPM of >= 140, with hi-hats at triple-time or faster. Past that it's fairly subjective.



Go to YouTube and search either "future type beat," "migos type beat", "21 savage type beat," and that will show you the "typical" trap beat

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