I heard this song on the radio a number of times, probably around 1982 - 1986. It's a french song, I believe, and the male singer had a rather deep voice. The song is fast and interpreted in a funny, almost comedian way.

The title could be something like "Le Zett" (the french letter Z). The verse is something like:

(ta ta) le zett (ta ta ta ta ta taa) le zett (ta ta ta ta ta taa) le zett (ta ta ta ta ta) le zett

And I remember that in the bridge a race-car appeared.

I have been looking for this song ever since the internet age with no luck. It can't be so uncommon though, since it was played multiple times in a mainstream radio station.

My only other option is to upload me singing the "le zett" but that would probably make it even less recognizable than the "ta tas".

In my memory it was a very catchy song, but I was 13 or so back then so it might as well be total crap.

  • youtube.com/… ? – Huangism Dec 18 '19 at 19:19
  • No, thats not it. The song I am looking for is less dramatic / romantic and funnier, more like an Elvis Costello piece. – TvdH Dec 18 '19 at 21:20

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