I recently wondered about the sound and style of the song Clandestiny by Mastodon. I wonder how the keyboard sound at 2:13 was created in particular. https://youtu.be/5a8442i-X6A?t=134

I know that this could be a Moog but I wonder if there is some more information about the nature or the settings of the sound to reproduce it. Is there maybe a VSTi which would be able to reconstuct it?

Thanks for the efforts


There are a lot of different synthesizer sounds going on at that point, so I'm not sure exactly which one you mean, but all of the sounds are made on a 1970's style additive synthesizer (or an emulation of one).
To make sounds like this you need any plug-in that emulates an old school analog synthesizer (doesn't need to be called 'Moog' which is still a trade name) with voltage controlled filters (VCFs). You need a couple of VCOs, VCFs, envelope generators and add some portamento and it's really easy to make something that will sound exactly like this.

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