I bought this Greatest Hits album of Johnny Cash especially for disc 2: Live in Concert. I can't find any more information about this concert other than it is released on this CD. Does anybody which year or where this was recorded? The concert itself doesn't give much information.

I have tried narrowing it down through the rarely played Sixteen Tons (according to setlist.fm it was only played 3 times) but none of those shows are the show on this disc.

  • Are the "live in concert" songs from the same day (doest it seem that the tracks melt each other)? – Bebs Jan 30 at 13:54
  • There is always a fadeout (as if the volume is turned down) so I think it may be indeed different concerts. I'll listen next time more carefully if I can hear some difference in the quality of the recording or in Cash's voice – Noosrep Jan 30 at 14:33
  • It could be from the live at a Folsom prison maybe, you can compare the acoustics with this one. – Bebs Jan 30 at 14:49

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