Many years ago I heard on the radio a suite from Der Rosenkavalier played by a wind band or a large wind ensemble. It was charming. Either I missed hearing who the performers were, or I didn't listen carefully, thinking I could easily find a CD of it. If the latter, I was wrong. I assume it was a recording. Does anyone know what it was, who was performing, was it a recording that can be bought or downloaded somewhere?


I found a concert from last year Kammerakademie Potsdam, text German only as well as one from this year, labelled "Sequence of waltzes from Rosenkavalier" Mozarteum, also German only.

A searchable term is Wikipedia: Harmonie or Harmoniemusik in German. But I had no luck, and the typical era of Harmonie precedes Strauss significantly. Ambitious wind bands seem to play it occasionally, however.

The sheet music can be ordered here, and on the page is also a recorded sample.

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