What is the name of the singer performing the Anywhere the heart goes song from The Thorn Birds OST released on 2 CDs by Varèse Sarabande record label?

I was surprised to not find official info on who performs the song on CD cover shown on Amazon.com, cause definitely the performer is not Henry Mancini or Monica Mancini. You can listen to the track here, may be you can recognize the voice.

I meant the performer is not Henry or Monica Mancini. Why I think so? Well, it is obvious that Henry Mancini can't be the singer of the song, while I had some doubts about Monica Mancini, can she be the performer? I believe not, cause her voice is quite different, when you listen to her other songs, and there is too little information about the soundtrack on the internet, to verify it.

Can you give me any links to "official" information, at least like Wikipedia. Why do you think it is Monica Mancini? Is it because of that description under the youtube video I gave you above?

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The picture on the linked cover is of Richard Chamberlain & Rachel Ward, who starred in the TV series.

The song is, as you said, Henri Mancini, sung by his daughter, Monica.

[In]famously, the Varèse Sarabande version of the soundtrack was re-mixed from the original sessions… & someone seems to have forgotten to include the heavily-featured dulcimer that was in the TV show sound track.

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