I'm looking this track and music video as an example of very minimalistic work that can be trending. It sounded like a joke to me back then and I wonder how can this track be popular.

  • The song was trending in 90s.
  • Airing in France in MTV-like music video channels.
  • Black and white music video, very minimalistic loop repeating over and over.
  • The video loop ends with a close-up on a guy's face.
  • The song was a minimalist electronic, house kind of feel.
  • The lyrics were only a rhythmic laugh, matching the beat of the song. Seven "Ha": One half-silence, then the 7 "Ha" that make a standard 4/4 beat.
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    Was the video in French as well? Feb 21 '20 at 0:21
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    @UnhandledExcepSean I don't remember in which language he was laughing :-)
    – Bebs
    Feb 21 '20 at 4:57

I found it. It's Don't Laugh by Josh Wink "Winx" (1995).

You can see several times in the black and white music video this close up on a guy's face:

enter image description here

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