There is a very beautiful, Danish song, with the Danish title "I skovens dybe, stille ro" - (poorly) translated as "In the deep, quiet calm of the forest".

I have been looking for a simple, unadorned rendition of it. There are several versions on youtube, but they are all some sort of 'artistic', rhythmic arrangement that I feel are entirely the wrong thing. I find Sissel Kjyrkjebø's rendition particularly embarrassing, just to give you an impression of what I don't like.

The text and the melody are both meditative and simple, best sung by a simple voice, but with deep feeling, quite possibly without accompaniment. Is there any such version available?

  • How about some links to some of the renditions you're talking about? A link to an article or something about the song would be nice, too, e.g. da.wikisource.org/wiki/I_skovens_dybe,_stille_ro – mlibby Feb 27 at 15:36
  • See the last paragraph of the Danish-language Wikipedia article on the song, which lists several renditions (recorded performances or printed arrangements); perhaps one of those would work for you: da.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_skovens_dybe,_stille_ro – mlibby Feb 27 at 15:45
  • 1
    @mlibby No, alas, none of them are what I am looking for. It is a sad trend that celebrities try to spice up traditional songs - a bit like when celebrity chefs go "What this icecream needs is some garlic and a few olives". It is easy to hide a lack of inspiration behind jazzy rhythms and expensive artists, who feel a need for appearing 'intellectual'; there is a whole other level of skill to singing a simple song convincingly and genuinely. – j4nd3r53n Feb 28 at 10:01

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