Are there any recordings of songs that lack a full transcript of the lyrics? Often lyrics are difficult to understand solely from the recording and I can imagine lower fidelity recordings from the early to mid 1900's exacerbate this problem. Additionally during this period, the music recording and lyric publishing industries had not developed to their modern prominence. Are there any notable examples of ambiguous or disputed lyrics, or lyrics that have been revised due to discovery of alternate copies of recordings in better condition?

  • This question seems too broad to be answerable. There are probably tens of thousands of songs that would match this criteria. Prior to the internet era, the only way to find lyrics if they didn't come with the album was to transcribe them yourself or buy sheet music if it existed. Even now, many songs are too obscure or too new, or too old to have definitive lyrics that can be located. – Chris Sunami supports Monica Mar 2 at 20:02

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