My boyfriend and I were watching 11 minutes by YUNGBLUD & Halsey which vividly reminded him of another video. After hours of searching we can't figure it out. I even found a video that was nearly identical and likely the inspiration for the concept (listed below).

His description is that it's 11 minutes long, very similar concept to 11 minutes by YUNGBLUD & Halsey, with the day repeating, the girl keeps dying, at the end the guy dies effectively saving her, and he's wearing a wife beater (white tank top). My BF also said this is a slower song but he doesn't remember the genre and it's from "back in the day," which usually loosely translates to early 2000's music for him.

He said the feel of the video was somewhere between The Scientist (Coldplay) and Still Breathing (Green Day).

Music videos I suggested but he said we're not it include:

  1. The Scientist by Coldplay
  2. Untitled by Simple Plan
  3. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New
  4. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
  5. Still Breathing by Green Day

Any help is appreciated! We always have songs we are trying to remember like this and usually we can sorry it out quickly, but this one is killin' us.

  • I know it's not that, but Eminem's Stan wears a white tank top, dies in a car crash at the end and is from "back in the day". – Federico klez Culloca Mar 13 '20 at 7:57
  • Yeah I almost thought it was that, too, when I saw the thumbnail for the video, but it's not the one. – abbyhdsn Mar 13 '20 at 14:49

Is it Bullet For My Valentine: "All These Things I Hate?"

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