I remember watching a music video around a decade ago on a music channel on T.V. I don't know if it was a new song or an old song at the time.

It had a door opening multiple times during the song and each time it led a man to a different place or time. I feel that it was either an elevator going to multiple places or a time-travel machine. The last time it opened, I remember something red swirling far below, like a volcano.

I seem to remember the lyrics being something like "Come on over to the other side", but Google firmly disagrees with my memory.

I also seem to remember that the artist could have been Linkin Park, but, alas, they don't seem to remember seeing that song.

Funnily, I found "The Doors - Break On Through (To the Other Side)", which seems like it should be the song, but I can't remember what that song sounded like and the video on YouTube doesn't have anything like what I remember.

I hope someone on Music Fans liked that song and remembers the video, despite my hopelessly vague description.

  • All I can think of is "Push the button" but I'm certain that's not what you mean – EdL Jun 15 at 10:32

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