I recently got into Plunderphonics and I'm aware of the works of John Oswald, Negativland, The Residents, The Avalanches, and Orchid Spangiafora. As I searched for more, I saw that finding Plunderphonics is incredibly difficult. If you know some unpopular or underrated Plunderphonics artists, albums or tracks, I would like to know. Just a few notes:

  • It will be more helpful if you provide links for the music.
  • Plunderphonics tracks are usually short, that´s true, but I prefer tracks that last 6 minutes or longer.
  • No vaporwave. It's too pop-sounding for me.

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Girl Talk - Feed the Animals (2008) and Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica (2011) are both classic albums in my opinion.

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