Black Sabbath - Children of the grave

From this song what is the name of the instrument that starts playing at 0:49 and sounds more prominent at 1:05 to 1:10

It seems like a drum but dont know of what kind

i dont know the name and i just want to find more content about this specific instrument


I think that's a Timable played with hands, and recorded badly! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd2-qjVH_DI

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  • sound kind of like the same, and it could be a valid point that maybe was badly recorded i was already thinking like some of those drums that they use on a marching band those that the drummer wear like some kind of vest and has like 5 drums atached – TamalesRancheros Apr 4 at 21:28

Pretty sure they are concert toms. Concert toms were toms that were used a lot in the 70’s - they only have drum heads on one side (the batter side) not the resonant side so they sound quite different to normal toms. He also has an octoban it looks like in his setup:


Scroll down a bit to see the pic of his kit in the 70’s.

Hope this helps.

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