Could someone please enlighten me to the meaning of the lyrics to "Losing Sleep" by Vangelis (sung by Paul Young):

Here are the lyrics: www.azlyricdb.com/lyrics/Vangelis-Losing-Sleep-294174

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    I misunderstood the lyrics, assuming the singer is contemplating death (a "sleep" from which one never wakes up). – Frost May 12 '20 at 20:09

The recurring theme in this song seems to be returning to (or longing for) a previous love interest. Here's my take:

A recurring face I see

The love interest.

You keep turning me round again

They keep thinking about the other person.

... my mind ... Is blind to danger

They know that this is bad for them.

If I knew all there was to learn,

Every twist and turn,

Why do I still try

Even knowing that they should move on, the singer still won't let go.


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