America was a band that was formed in the 1970's. The lyrics of their song Sandman are as follows:

Ain't it foggy outside
All the planes have been grounded
Ain't the fire inside?
Let's all go stand around it
Funny, I've been there
And you've been here
And we ain't had no time to drink that beer

'Cause I understand you've been running from the man
That goes by the name of the Sandman
He flies the sky like an eagle in the eye
Of a hurricane that's abandoned

Ain't the years gone by fast
I suppose you have missed them
Oh, I almost forgot to ask
Did you hear of my enlistment?
Funny, I've been there
And you've been here
And we ain't had no time to drink that beer

Only the chorus of the song talks about the 'Sandman'. The other verses does not mention it at all and seems to be about a conversation between two people. Who is the 'Sandman'? Is the 'Sandman' a real person or a representation of something else? How is it relevant to the events presented in the other verses?

I have read articles explaining the song, like this one, claiming to have been from the song writer himself but it has no references so I cannot verify whether they are true or not.


I'm surprised that no-one has answered this already so maybe I'm missing the point.

If you search for "Sandman" on the English Wikipedia, there is a whole page about him, he is a mythical character of European origin.

Having said that, this character has no place in the collective consciousness where I live - the UK - except for the references that have crept-in from the US, like the song from the 50's "Mr. Sandman".

The Wikipedia page mentions a number of songs that reference the Sandman, like Metallica's "Enter Sandman", but doesn't reference the America song at all.

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