This song is in Spanish, but it has a portion starting at 2:17, (link to that part) where it appears to be talking in English, But I do not understand any single word, since English is not my first language.

Can you transcribe the English portion of the lyrics (it is nowhere on Internet)? Or tell if it is not in English.

The song's name is "Mal bicho", by "Los fabulosos Cadillacs"

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Those English lyrics are on the site musicmatch.com and they seem roughly correct:

Mal bicho, your destiny's bad
Mal bicho, voice marks your pride
Mal bicho, a song that is played
Mal bicho, is a song for always

Mal bicho, who makes the wars
Mal bicho, everything's lost
Mal bicho, you love the man
Mal bicho, and you don't give a damn

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