I use Amazon music and have multiple playlists created. You can quickly find an album or even a playlist and dump it into your "music library" into one of your playlists. However if you want to remove large numbers of songs from a playlist it is REALLY painstakingly hard work unless I'm missing something. For example if you want to remove all songs by a particular artist or album how do you do it? the only way I can see is one by one - imagine if you have 150 or 200 songs to remove - it's sooo tedious. Anyone have any BKMs?


looks like a figured out how to speed the process up, although still not perfect. Within the Amazon Music App (on PC/Mac) you can actually select multiple songs by holding control/command(Mac) - it wasn't obvious to me on Mac from the UI but turns out it's possible - therefore much easier to select multiple songs one by one and delete them all at once with a right click - rather than having to right click and delete each one individually.

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