I am very interested in the video clip released by the Swedish band Kent 4 years ago, introducing their last album and tour.

Då Som Nu För Alltid

The whole piece is (or sounds like it is) centered around the drummer girl and its basic rythm (though it changes a little in the meanwhile). Then, more instruments join, and add their own melody, up to the climax, where the music suddenly stops.

This is not a canon (though some canons may sound quite like it), but I am wondering how such a piece would be named. Any idea?

And as bonus question : do you know of similar pieces? I am quite sure one could find many in classical music, but though I am not totally ignorant about it, I can't remember of such a piece. And I am mainly interested in non-classical musique answers!


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Descriptively this composition technique is sometimes referred to as "staggered", "layered", or "delayed" entrances. I'm not aware of a general term for music that employs the technique, which cuts across genres.

One genre that uses this layering technique a lot is "epic" music:

You can find it frequently in EDM, Movie Trailers, Video game music, and Alan Walker.

Some particularly famous, but very different from each other, classical music examples:

  • Thanks for your answer, as well as your examples. I forgot about Bolero, which is indeed a very good example!!
    – Marvin
    Aug 13, 2020 at 9:14

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