Can anyone tell me who plays the trumpet solo on the track These are the days by Guvna B?


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In light of @BrianThomas's answer, I also contacted Guvna B, who explained that Ife Ogunjobi had replaced Dylan Jones in Ezra Collective. For example, this article from The Daily Californian (26 March 2019) mentions it. And this article from radio station KNKX (6 Dec 2019) indicates that Dylan Jones is back with the group after being replaced by Ife Ogunjobi for the tour earlier in the year.

The group consists of brothers Femi and TJ Koleoso at the drums and bass, Joe Armon-Jones at the piano, Dylan Jones on trumpet and James Mollison featured on sax.

enjoy this Ezra Collective performance live at the legendary Glastonbury music festival earlier this year, featuring touring trumpet player Ife Ogunjobi

According to this interview1, the band is Ezra Collective2, and this article3 from NPR says the trumpet player is Dylan Jones.

Based on this photo of Dylan Jones with Ezra Collective4, however, Dylan Jones is not the trumpet player shown in the video. I'm reasonably certain the video trumpet player is an actor. In particular, his fingering is definitely out of sync with the music at 1:36. Also, the piano player in the video is not listed as a band member in the NPR article, nor is she pictured on the cover of their release "You Can't Steal My Joy".

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I emailed Guvna B who replied within about five minutes to say the trumpet player is Ife Ogunjobi

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