In SE1:EP3 of El Chapo, does anyone know the name of the song playing in the club during the massacre at the end of the episode?

The show is on Netflix, but here is a link for the scene in a clip on youtube

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    How about a link? – phoog Aug 17 at 16:48
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    Thank you for warning me about it. Here is the link youtu.be/u73pdmeei68?t=2311 It is from youtube because I cannot link from netflix, so the quality isn't great – guilhermemp Aug 18 at 9:33

Is it possibly this song:

Anthony Lazaro + Lazer Owl - Everything is Gonna be Alright (Official Video)

It isn't easy to hear your audio, but I thought I heard the lyric "be alright" and this beat seems to match.

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  • It might be. The sound isn't really good I know. Thank you. I will try to improve the audio – guilhermemp Aug 18 at 21:30

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