Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce is a song that can very easily hype a situation to that of epic proportions and it can be "Felt" or other wise envisioned by those who are moved and whoa'd(?) by epic battles or events.

Also, Something like FurElise by Beethoven and Moonlight sonata as well can both very easily create a different scenario than Through the Fire and Flames but creats a scenario nonetheless that can be related to even inspiring.

Anyways long story short I want to find more music that has this sort of appeal to it, I just simply have no Idea what to narrow my search down to. Either genres or classifications(?) Would be nice.

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    I would just call this 'good music'. If you can't relate and if the sounds do not 'create a scenario' that you can 'see' when you close your eyes, the song probably sucks. I don't think there is an official umbrella term. Aug 23 '20 at 19:06
  • If I understand, you're looking for music that isn't necessarily similar in genre or external characteristics, but that gives you a powerful experience. Unfortunately, that's very individual. What is powerful to me might leave you cold, and vice versa. I don't think this question is answerable as is. I would suggest editing it to ask about one particular type of music that you like, and then opening a new one for another particular type of music. That might help you narrow it down better. Aug 24 '20 at 17:08

If "Fire and Flames" and "Für Elise" create identical feelings to you there won´t be any search-term that can help you. If they create different feelings to you, and you listen to one or the other depending on your mood to "feel good" or "appealed" then it´s simple: Search for the genre that matches your present mood. I think every genre has it´s few masterpieces that much people like, without inevitably being fond of the whole genre. Maybe you can search for these terms within each music-style or decade: masterpieces, evergreens, best-of, archetypical, classical, standard, well-known, learn-how-to-play ... The problem is, that if you have a not so common music taste, it will be a hard work to dig out your own favourites. Even automatic proposals (e.g. youtube) won´t help you much. Try to ask friends. Listen to a lot of music, or if you can´t find it - create it by yourself. Making music also takes time, but listening to tons of bad music can be more frustrating.

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