This song is from a hallmark movie, "Royal Matchmaker," but I am assuming it's only a clip of an actual track that exists out there, hidden in the woods of Indie Records. Here's a link to the movie on youtube because I can't find the song's video anywhere but don't worry; it plays at the start of the film, the first 30 seconds or so.

Please let me know if the full track exists and where I can get it because I have scanned numerous music apps with no luck. I really like simplicity of expression in the song and the catchy tune.

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You say you "assume it's only a clip of an actual track", but it starts and ends pretty definitively, it's not faded in or out, and the backing vocals seem to end it with a deliberate flourish. That doesn't prove it's not a pre-existing song, people do sometimes write one-minute songs, or perhaps it's been edited down very well; but that coupled with the fact that Google doesn't turn up any lyric matches makes me suspect it was written for the movie and never saw stand-alone release.

IMDB credits Terry Frewer as the movie's composer, who is also listed as the composer for Bridal Wave, another Hallmark movie. Bridal Wave ends with a stylistically similar pop song, Just One Day. As you can see, Core Music Agency confirms the song was written for... "television movie The Wedding Beats"? The song was uploaded to the agency's SoundCloud on the 7th of March 2015, ten days before Bridal Wave's premier; either the movie title changed in these ten days, or Core Music Agency simply got it wrong. I cannot find any movie titled "The Wedding Beats" on Google, and Frewer's resume does not list a movie by this title.

It seems far-and-away most likely that Terry Frewer wrote Royal Matchmaker's opening for the movie, given that he is credited on both Hallmark movies, given that Bridal Wave's similar pop song is confirmed to be written by him, and given the lack of evidence that Royal Matchmaker's opening is a pre-existing song. I am unable to find any information on the singer or other musicians.


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