Do you know what piano song which was featured in the video?

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    Watched for 30 seconds. No music. Please post the video with the time set to the start of the music. (Also, just know that if you put the address in your question, the video will be automatically embedded.) – Aaron Sep 4 at 3:03
  • thank for the advice,i did post the time set – Lan... Sep 4 at 3:15

SoundHound told me that it's "The Yearbook" by Pleaseeasaur, I guess with the loud beginning part chopped off:

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"Shazam" says it's Brendan Morris's "The Piano Collection", from the same titled album.

The Piano Collection - Brendan Morris | Shazam

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    Shazam seems to be wrong on this one. The album posted is not a Brendan Morris album, and Brendan Morris is not a pianist (for example, The Cycle), and the track in the OP is not by Ludovico Einaudi. – Aaron Sep 6 at 6:49

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