I have a real struggle about searching the name of this song by Camel (progressive rock band). I spent hours and hours trying to figure out what's the name of it.

This is the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCyLm4eHMaZ/?igshid=1lxpi23w706bm


This is the live version of the song "Never Let Go", from the DVD Camel: In From the Cold (2014).

In this YouTube video from the DVD ("Fox Hill"), the musicians, clothes, instruments, set, and lighting all look the same as in the OP video.

According to the above link to Discogs, the track list is:

Set One
1   The Great Marsh 
2   Rhayader    
3   Rhayader Goes To Town   
4   Sanctuary (Revised) 
5   Fritha  
6   The Snow Goose  
7   Friendship  
8   Migration (Revised) 
9   Rhayader Alone (Revised)    
10  Flight Of The Snow Goose    
11  Preparation 
12  Dunkirk 
13  Epitaph (Revised)   
14  Fritha Alone    
15  La Princesse Perdue 
16  The Great Marsh (Reprise)   

Set Two
17  Never Let Go    
18  Song Within A Song  
19  Echoes  
20  The Hour Candle 
21  Tell Me 
22  Watching The Bobbins    
23  Fox Hill    
24  For Today   
25  Lady Fantasy
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    Bro.. U deserve more than the heaven itself! Is never let go, but live version. Thanks a lot! Sep 7 '20 at 17:38

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