I am looking at a pop song from the 00s -- certainly before 2008, probably somewhere between 2000 and 2008. It was a reasonably well-known song. I heard it on French mainstream radio several times, but it was not a hit.

  • It has a catchy rhythm.
  • The singer is a woman.

The video is about a surrealistic frozen world, and the camera keeps panning across this world. At some point the singer is lying on the ground, resembling a mountain, her eyes open, and the hair on her eyelids is frozen (as if it was snowing).

EDIT: I am almost sure that one of the key words in the video was "destroy" ("destroy everything"?)

I am sorry that I do not remember more from the video -- it really looked like a "frozen world of giants lying on the ground as mountains".

I would risk saying that it sounded Scandinavian, but it may just be the video style that suggested this.

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Oh yes - I found it!

Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (2005)

The music video, directed by Adam Bartley, shows the members of Ladytron hiking through a mountain range, facing various hazards such as two-legged creatures attempting to attack them, and having frosty wind blown at them by faces in the mountains (which are the members of Ladytron, with makeup added to them to make their skin look covered with snow and ice).

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