I am listening to Bob Dylan's Love Minus Zero. There is a sentence I am not sure. That is,

"People talk of situations"


"People talk over situations".

In this video, it sounds like "over". But some sources said that it is "of". Could anyone check it? Thanks.

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The answer is ... both. Dylan prefers "over"; everyone else sings "of".

In the recording posted, this 1965 recording, this other 1965 recording, this 1971 recording, this 1975 recording, and this 1999 recording Dylan clearly sings "over".

But in the original recording on Bringing It All Back Home, he sings "of".

And "of" is the popular way to go for covers. For example, all of the following covers include "of". Eliza Gilkyson, Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, and Jackson Browne.

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