Here is a link to the song:

The second line of the second verse is, according to the internet and my own ears:

We're the shaking gun in a service station line

You can hear it in the video at 50 seconds in.

I've never been able to understand this line. According to dictionary.com a "service station" is just a gas station or similar establishment. I don't see any relationship to guns there. Is there another meaning to one or more of these words- or perhaps an idiom somewhere- that I'm just missing? Or a reference to some cultural or historic event?

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I think it's common for robbers to go into gas stations to "hold them up" at gun point to steal money. So I personally think he is referring to the "shaking gun" of the robber that is about to rob the store.

  • This is the first explanation I’ve heard that really makes sense to me without feeling forced. Sep 26, 2021 at 17:05

The image this gives me is of the gun-shaped gas nozzle being shaken to get out the last few drops of gas (aka "petrol") as someone is filling their tank --maybe to the annoyance of the person waiting.


Most (maybe all?) the images in the lyrics are of broken, battered, desperate, on the edge of loosing everything people. And dogs, and inanimate objects too, for that matter. So I think "shaking gun in a service station line" means someone who has been knocked around over and over, and has now decided to do something completely mad. They've decided to rob a gas station, probably in the middle of the night, with a gun they are still concealing. The "shaking" could mean it's the first time they've sunk low enough to actually go through with the idea.

I think it's one of a number of ugly references to people that have become something base and desperate, presumably out of necessity and are scrapping to survive.

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