Would you know what is the music heard on the piano in the following link https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/aym4SIowU8n1l4b

it comes from the serie "Genius", on Einstein, in the episode 3, at around 00:32:36


This is Scott Joplin's 1899 hit Maple Leaf Rag, one of the most well-known pieces of ragtime music. It is said to have sold over 1 million copies of sheet music, in a time before radio. Ragtime was an elegant early African-American musical genre, a important precursor of jazz, and Joplin was its unchallenged superstar composer. The song returned to popularity in the 1970s after Joplin's work was rerecorded by pianist Joshua Rifkin.

Ragtime is often what's tinkling out of the player-piano in old Western movies. That is historically accurate, since Joplin himself did record player-piano rolls. A few of those still survive, including the one below:

In contrast to Rifkin's more classically-influenced version, Joplin's original is faster, more ornamented, and more heavily "swung" (played with an asymmetrical rhythm). Both versions, however, showcase the song's key characteristic, an unconquerable sense of joy.

Although Maple Leaf was the most popular ragtime song during Joplin's lifetime, his best-known work today is The Entertainer, due to it being used as the theme song for the hit movie The Sting. The music was a good match for the movie's mood of classy vintage mischief, but was anachronistic for the 1930's setting. Ragtime is still occasionally composed today, most notably by William Bolcom (Graceful Ghost Rag).


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