Here is the link to the beautiful song Trust no man by Ma Rainey:


What is she saying from 1:50 to 2:15? The lyrics I have found omit this part.

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I can't get all of it, but here's what I could get. The things in square brackets I'm less sure about:

Say! Take Ma Rainey's advice: Trust no man! I mean [up in there] all day. All right! [Y'all can believe] it. Just don't trust nobody. See where it got me, don't you? He sure was [needy]


I have just found, in Sandra R. Leib's "Mother of the blues: a study of Ma Rainey" (pag. 126), a transcription of this segment:

"Hey, Take Ma Rainey's advice! Don't trust no man. I mean not even your own man! All right now! You'll all been [word obscure]. Don't trust nobody! See where it got me, don't you? He sure will leave."

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