I'm trying to find the name (type) of music that is played in this video starting at minute 02:20. It's very majestic. It's not orchestral music right? Cause I'm looking for songs that are similar and cannot find a keyword on Google to search for it.


The music is generic epic Film/Video Game scoring. This particular trick is called "Light Spirits" and is from the album "Northern Lights, Southern Darkness" by the Los Angeles based company "Dos Brains". Behindtheaudio.com has an article about their creative process.


As @PiedPiper mentioned, the name of this genre is epic or epic soundtrack.

It's typically written for feature films and big-budget video games. Since it usually requires an orchestra, it can be expensive to produce (unless the orchestra is simulated) which is why it is generally associated with larger projects.

A search for "epic music" on Google will bring you relevant results.

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