I'm looking for a song, probably from the 80s. It has the following melody played on a synthesiser:

E E / E A B / E E / E A B / E E / E A B / D' C#' B A repeated once, last bar replaced by (roughly) E D E D B A (the B and A go downwards)

I can also remember that there was some kind of deep-voiced choire singing "Jaaar-huh! Jubbadee-huh!" and an announcer voice saying "don't be afraid, don't be afraid, television say the world is great!"

I hope that's enough information to go on, I tried soundhound and shazam to no avail.


Yesss, I just found it in my old MP3 collection:

Artist: Koto
Title: Jabdah
Year: 1986

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