Sadly, I don't have a sample to identify the song with, but it's been wracking my brain to identify this one 80's electro song that I remember but haven't heard since the 80's.

It is strictly an instrumental and has a (stereotypically?) Egyptian sound, as if a Pharoah was listening to a DJ as the Pyramids were being built. I've gone through the Egyptian Lover's catalog and it's not from him as far as I can tell, although tonally it's similar to his song "Egypt Egypt". It's not from Hashim or Al-Naafyish either.

The closest tracks I could compare it to are "Rainforest" or perhaps "19" (minus the vocal samples) by Paul Hardcastle. It's not his track "King Tut" although it could potentially be a different song from him, but I couldn't find anything on various streaming services that was the song I'm looking for.

Not a lot to go by, but I have one hint that might narrow it down: I come from the San Francisco Bay Area and the song was frequently played on Rick Chase's afternoon program on KMEL back in the 80's.

  • It sounds a lot like "Songs From the Victorious City" which is a collaboration between Jaz Coleman and Anne Dudley. It's a mix of current, at the time, electronic and sounds borrowed from middle eastern music. And it's completely instrumental. The only hesitation I have is that album was released in 1990. So it might have been played on the radio in mid to late 1989, but not earlier in the decade. – cnamejj Jan 14 at 10:25
  • 1
    Thank you for responding, sadly this isn't it but it's a good list to listen to. This particular song was, in my memory, completely synthesized, whereas the tracks in "Songs From the Victorious City" seem to have symphonic/"natural" musical elements. The song, consequently, has a less "authentic" feel about it, leaning more toward the "Egypt Egypt" side in terms of of both authenticity and instrumentation (which is to say, not very close to actual Egyptian music). – catichenor Jan 21 at 4:23

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