Short story long: I have an old car and a "tape reader" (don't know the name in english) and I'm listening to old tapes.

The song I am looking for contains french and english (mostly french).

The english parts are short and mostly repeated twice lyrics.

There is this song which has the following lyrics (sorry if there are only bits of them, I never manage to get it in my head):

Sans effort, je vous amène aux métaphores

comme les papillons qui se mêlent et s'entremêlent à la belle saison

illuminé d'azur dans les yeux s'évapore

Sur un air de disco disco (no mistake here, it's said twice)

Chabada chabada chabada, ho chabada chabada

I have tried shazam (written search, did not have it when in the car), google and youtube without success.

  • does the tape case give any clues about the music on it ? – Angst Jan 15 at 18:32
  • @Angst unfortunately not. Nothing is written on it. – Florian Castelain Jan 15 at 20:02

The song name is: Sound of summer

The artist is: Roman Photo

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