Nice intro keyboard,very atmospheric reminds me of Yes or Jon and vangelis, opening lyris something like "you can feel it in the morning light or you can see it in the morning light" late 70s early 80s


Could it be King Crimson's Cirkus, from their third album, Lizard, from 1970?


  • Atmospheric, haunting mood and vocals.
  • Reminiscent of Yes and Jon Anderson - Anderson collaborated with Crimson on the last track on the album, the eponymous Lizard.
  • Named "Cirkus"
  • Keyboardish intro (Keith Tippet on piano? Maybe)


  • The lyrics don't quite match:

Night: her sable dome scattered with diamonds

Fused my dust from a light year

Squeezed me to her breast, sowed me with carbon

Strung my warp across time

  • It's about a decade earlier than you remember.

Is it New Age musician Yanni's "In the Morning Light"


Keyboard intro
Atmospheric sound reminiscent of Vangelis
Opening lyrics: "I wake up to see you standing in the morning light."


1993, not the 80s
Most significantly --although the quoted lyrics are reproduced widely on the internet, I haven't been able to find a version or a recording of this song with vocals, the recording linked above is an instrumental.


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