I heard this song which is an interesting piece with a hint of dubstep. What is the song used in the King's Hunt "Carlsen sacrificed Queen" video on Facebook? Can someone help me identify it?

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    he also has a YT channel, and a recent Carlsen chess game on that has sound credited to Bensound.com which is a website offering royalty-free music. Likely to be from there, but the FB page also has contact details so you could contact him to ask as well – Angst Jan 29 at 18:20

This song is "Evolution" by Benjamin Tissot (a.k.a. Bensound). This is a royalty-free music that you can reuse as long as you mention either "Music: www.bensound.com" or "Royalty Free Music from Bensound".

Note: Shazam credits it to Legion Vernac but it's probably a mistake (... or plagiarism)


Used to play this game Crossout and it sounds just like this

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