This is the best I could get from all the sources

You think you're fast   
But I know I'm faster
I'm school ya I'm party ninja master
You think strike like you never imagine
Drop the boom from a million fathoms
Up in the sky
Down to the ground
It's a new sshh ... It's a new sound
Grab somebody sexy
Spin her around
------ > To you laugh oh baby
-------> Girl you're found
Show all the ladies
Some tickle, love and care
Lead them to the floor  
Throw your glass up in the air
This is how we do it
This is how it's done
We the velas second to none

I doubt the part : "To you laugh oh baby, Girl you're found", must be something like "say you are lost, but Girl you're found" as far as I can understand !

Let me know if you get it ! Also let me know the meaning of the slangs ...

like "I m school ya I m party ninja master" => what that means ?

Listen from 2:12

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