I'm searching for an old dubstep song that's recently popped back into my head from around 2014-15, but unfortunately I only remember about thirty seconds of it. What I remember is three verses by a male vocalist:

This is the end of all our places/faces I've lost control of all my senses If you think you can't take/break it x2

Followed by slower wubs and "growl" sounds. After that comes some lighter beats, but then I'm blanking on.

I've tried shazam, beatport, googling the above, youtube, and whosampled, without success. If anyone knows what this is I'd really appreciate it.


Is it possibly a remix of Bastille's "Good Grief"? The timeframe matches, it and it has the lyric "I've lost control of all my senses." The original isn't dubstep, but there appear to be several official remixes.

  • Its not a match, unfortunately. Onto the sixth remix (comodo, camila-cabello, the juggernaut, MK, don diablo, and hotline4), none are what I'm looking for. – Jaimas-Cat Feb 9 at 17:39

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