Since the discovery of the compact disk today's albums can reach up to 80 minutes of play.

I was wondering what is the shortest in length album (LP) ever released?


I think the definition of "full length" is quite malleable, anyway, but it appears to be somewhere around 28 minutes.

A quick search came up with this source of the shortest 10 albums:

The Byrds – Notorious Byrd Brothers (1968; Columbia) Duration: 28:28

Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson (1971; Philips) Duration: 28:04

Nick Drake - Pink Moon (1972; Island) Duration: 28:23

Fela Kuti – Expensive Shit (1975; Soundsworkshop) Duration: 24:02

Ramones – Ramones (1976; Sire) Duration: 28:52

Prince – Dirty Mind (1980; Warner Bros.) Duration: 29:57

Billy Bragg – Life’s a Riot with Spy vs. Spy (1983; Utility/Polydor) Duration: 15:17

Slayer – Reign in Blood (1986; American) Duration: 28:00

Big Black – Songs About Fucking (1987; Touch and Go) Duration: 29:08

Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues (2014; Total Treble) Duration: 28:48


I believe that Elvis Presley's "It Happened at the World's Fair" held this record officially for some years. According to Wikipedia, it is 21:21 in total, somewhat longer than Billy Bragg but shorter than all of the others in namezero's answer.

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