Here is my problem: I once saw a video on Youtube covering a song from an AC/DC live concert I cannot find anymore. Here is what I remember:

  • Bon Scott was the lead singer
  • I'm 90% sure the song was Rocker
  • I assume that it was around 1976
  • I think I read about it that there was problems with the audience, like they we're not there for AC/DC or something similar
  • The crowd was not that enthusiastic (see above), but there was one singe fan dressed like Angus Young (school uniform) in the top auditorium
  • Angus Young left the stage while continued playing and was joining the one fan at the top

I hope you can help me find that video as I searched for it multiple times the last years. Thanks a lot!

  • stuff comes and goes on YT, so this may have gone or been subject to a takedown... I find this all the time with playlists that I put together on YT. but maybe this will turn up – Angst Feb 9 at 17:58

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