Many many years ago I was learning how to play the piano, and until this day I kinda remember how to start playing few keys, but I cannot remember the rest. All I remember is that the keys were:

Re Mi Fa Sol La La Sol La Sol

Does this key combination sounds like any start of songs that are simple enough for starting students?

  • Do you recall the rhythm?
    – Karlo
    Feb 22 at 1:50
  • 1
    That part was steady, same beat. Feb 22 at 2:56
  • All the notes were the exact same length? There weren't any that were longer or shorter? That would be unusual for this set of notes. Feb 22 at 19:44
  • In addition to the question about lengths, where are the stresses?
    – Esther
    Mar 2 at 5:58
  • Country, target age for this piano sheet and possibly style of music could help. It could also have been composed just for teaching purposes to cover some notes in a non-boring way.
    – guidot
    Apr 2 at 22:27

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