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I'm thinking about the possibility of listening to new music that is related to a set of albums, similar to what Spotify suggests related to specific albums you hear a lot or started listening recently (I don't really know the criteria). Notice that I'm not "asking" Spotify to do this per se, but it does it automatically when I open the home screen, I have to find the suggestions area and get artists related to those albums.

For example: I really like the albums "Ten" (pearl jam) and "One hot minute" (RHCP), I guess the way the app suggests "new" music to you is by using the tags of the songs/album, so it would be perfectly reasonable to do it with a set of albums let's say I could add "¿Dónde jugarán las niñas?" (Molotov) to the mix, and find related albums to those three as well.

Is there a tool I can use to do this?


I'm not sure about finding music based on albums but you can find music based on the similarity of bands by using Music Map

I've personally discovered some great bands this way

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