What is the song that plays in this 16-second audio clip, found here?

It sounds like the type of song that would play at the end of a movie, when the protagonist walks away from the camera.

I have heard it in several movies before (I can't recall which ones).

This particular sample was taken from the end credits of the documentary Fake Famous, which doesn't list the song name in the movie's credits. That's why there are clicking sounds in the audio sample (they represent the shutter sound from a camera). And it's also why, when I run the audio sample through several different audio recognition services, they can't find anything.

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    It isn't, but that two note motif (in the strings) is very reminiscent of "Lacrimosa" from Mozart's "Requiem" – Duston Mar 11 at 14:08
  • @Duston Ah yes that's really close! I agree that it isn't an exact match though. It could be possible that I was simply thinking of the piece you mentioned. It is difficult for me to recall whether I've actually heard the exact clip I uploaded, in the past, and the piece you mentioned muddles my memory even further! – Gary Mar 12 at 15:21

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