In the 1970s, I lived in a strict religious communal organization, part of the Jesus People Movement, in which we sang (as it now seems) all the time. We sang spontaneously, a capella --- never used a song leader or hymnal or songbook --- and also, frequently an individual would accompany himself or herself with a guitar while we listened.

Some of the individual-with-guitar songs, I now understand --- perhaps the best ones --- were covers of "profane" popular songs. For instance, we covered "Pack Up Your Sorrows," by Pauline Marden and Richard Fariña, changing "give them all to me" to "give them all to Jesus." I was 16 when I got into this commune, and for years never realized it was a cover.

One of the individual-with-guitar songs had the following refrain: "When the darkness of the night begins to show / Jesus always says hello." I strongly suspect this covered a song with a refrain similar to "When the darkness of the night begins to show / Streetlight always says hello." I hummed / sang it here: http://jacobwegelin.net/tmp/misc/. But an internet search for these lyrics does not bring it up. Does anyone know this song? I think it may also have a line like "By the light of a thousand streetlamps ..."


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