I am trying to find more music similar to that from this old TV bumper.

The music in it is so weird I cannot explain what I am looking for. Something fast with a beat and strange sound effects?

I got nothing. Can someone help me identify this genre?


In its spirit, this music reminds me of Pierre Henry's music, the most famous piece being "Messe Pour Le Temps Présent":

If this is indeed what you are looking for, this is categorized in the Musique Concrète genre, even though Music Concrète is often not that fast and rhythmic (listen to this for example).

Quoting Wikipedia:

Musique concrète (French: [myzik kɔ̃kʁɛt]; lit. 'concrete music') is a type of music composition that utilizes recorded sounds as raw material. Sounds are often modified through the application of audio effects and tape manipulation techniques, and may be assembled into a form of montage. It can feature sounds derived from recordings of musical instruments, the human voice, and the natural environment as well as those created using synthesizers and computer-based digital signal processing.

You mention "strange sound effects". Again, quoting the same Wikipedia page:

[Musique concrète] exploits acousmatic listening, meaning sound identities can often be intentionally obscured or appear unconnected to their source cause. (...) From the late 1960s onward, and particularly in France, the term acousmatic music (musique acousmatique) started to be used in reference to fixed media compositions that utilized both musique concrète based techniques and live sound spatialisation.

Indeed, searching for "acousmatic music" may lead you to similar music, like this one:

  • Thank you, I think Musique Concrète is what I'm looking for.
    – YoMan
    Mar 19 at 2:45
  • Great answer! I'd only add that "Plunderphonics" is a more modern descendant of the same idea: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plunderphonics -- "Frontier Psychiatrist" is a good example of that genre. youtube.com/watch?v=qLrnkK2YEcE Mar 22 at 14:22
  • 1
    @ChrisSunamisupportsMonica I didn't know that music genre. I have to admit I pretty much like that particular song and I love the music video. Nice discovery, thank you!
    – xhienne
    Mar 22 at 14:51

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