I could be alone on this. Whenever I listen to some songs of any genre whose lyrics tell a story so relatable to my own experiences, I would always picture the memories and reminisce the good old days. I would become emotional inside and could not control myself to not think about the past. I always try to suppress these emotions, of course, but deep down I know I have been emotionally affected.

Is this normal? Why does this happen? Is this the true intention of the artist to use lyrics to play with our emotions?


Music is an emotional art. It generally IS the intention of the artist to give you an emotional experience of one kind or another.

The more relatable you find the lyrics, the easier it is for you to access that experience. Of course, songs can be relatable but not good, or good but not relatable, but the combination of both is undeniably powerful.

That's the reason so many songs are about universal experiences like love and heartbreak.

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