In the tv show Better Late Than Never, Season 1 Episode 2, there is a short clip of a song (not sure what the category of music is) that has kind of an electronic, hip-hop beat and the lyrics 'that's what I need". Google brings up soooo many results for a lyric search, and after a few pages of results I gave up. The song has to be from 2016 or earlier. Not sure if I am allowed to post links - but here goes: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7yuq2s The song clip is at 2:20 until 2:41 and actually it might have been cut to repeat twice. Appreciate any help you can provide in identifying the artist or song. Thanks!

  • The genre is chiptunes-influenced, and I think the actual lyric is "that's ALL I need." Hope that helps. – Chris Sunami supports Monica Apr 5 at 17:16

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