I'm actually a programmer, but seeing my GF struggling to find a track for her poledance competition - decided to give a try to music branch of Stack Exchange.

She is looking for something similar to:

  • Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov — Сквирт Суккуба
  • Lorn — Diamond (Dolor Remix)
  • podval capella — Fullmoon

(Tell me if you can't find it - I'll upload it for you somewhere)

In terms of description:

  • With no copyright restrictions in social networks and YouTube
  • About 4 minutes long
  • Bot a rap, not a dubstep
  • Slow a sexy
  • With Japan notes, but also probably - with jazz notes

Thank you! Or may be you can suggest where to ask - some subreddit probably.


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