Hello dear musicfans users.

It's been some days since I started looking for this song but I haven't been able to find it's name. Shazam couldn't find it. I tried extracting some lyrics but I couldn't find anything. I'm desperate. You're my last hope.

The song I'm talking about is the first one of this video:

It sounds a little like Frank Sinatra but I'm not too sure about this. The arguments of the song seem to be: dream, love.


It's "Just Cancel My Dream" recorded by Larry Green and his Orchestra in 1946, on the B-side of "Little Girl", and featuring Don Grady on lead vocals (RCA Victor cat# 20-2813). Note: the video starts with the vocal chorus which starts at about 1:30 in the original.

The Internet Archive has the original recording, also downloadable as MP3.


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