It come out around 9 years ago it is a guy that sings it and is a emo or punk song he talks about how he loves a girl he would do anything for he would sell everything that they own and sail around the world or sail the oceans with her. It's a very upbeat song, it's a very catchy tune. I think it might have been an one-hit wonder.

  • It's soft and it's sweet; and I knew it complete; when I wore a younger man's clothes. May 18 at 17:27

Is it Count on Me (Bruno Mars)


  • Timeframe: 2010
  • Lyrics: "I'll sail the world to find you"
  • Upbeat
  • Male singer
  • Emo --a little bit


  • Selling everything?
  • Punk? not really
  • One hit wonder? Definitely not!

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